Ife Adeyinka

Party Girl House

curated by Sam Radlein

Various dyed fabrics, aluminum
Party Girl House explores the complicated cocktail recipe that forms the female identity along with the vain and trivialized pursuits to evolve and sustain it.

Held up against a background of black and white photography, themes of otherness, black familial dynamics, and personal agency are weaved together by Ife’s struggle to define and accept her appearance during adolescence.

Despite the belief this phenomenon is central to to all women, the familiar, culturally-specific imagery used in these works reveal the singularly black experience of physically struggling with maternal figures in a bathroom to smooth nappy edges as routine beauty maintenance only to be ostracized, subtly ridiculed and ultimately appropriated for financial gain.

Topped off by bold, handwritten text, the collage-like pieces divide it’s audience with Ife’s message of “loving her hair.” Some people will just get it. It’s a black thing. 
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Artist: Ife Adeyinka 
Curator: Sam Radlein 

©Black Art Sessions