Niara Jordan Flax

Embracing Da Shadow Self 1

curated by Yaira Matos 

Embracing Da Shadow Self I
Ink on Paper
The discovery of The Shadow Self last year looked and felt like this image—who would have known that our darker sides can take up room and more room than we think at times...
Art speaks for me when I can’t find the words or am too shy to share them. The hope is to create as authentically as possible and take up ample space. In painting and sculpture especially, my stories are shared with symbolism that is detectable enough to relate to. Portraits are candid pictures reflecting the inner and outer states of us, using a selected palette, facial expression or specific backdrop for the subject. The pieces I create are threads weaving me to those who connect with them. I’m able to tap into the depths of myself and others, and learn just how vulnerable I am willing to be.

 The Shadow Self helps bring us to “the light”, showing humans the sides of ourselves that tend to jump out because we’ve neglected them. Getting to know these sides made it easier to see others reflected in myself and vice versa. I wonder if others will see themselves too.

Fixing My Life One Face Mask At A Time
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
I was running from myself and my feelings for years. I placed a mask on, and at times it was made of avocado or clay.
Clay Sculpture
(Unfinished) Person sitting in tub, either dissociating or deeply contemplating.

Niara Jordan is a visual artist from Mount Vernon, NY. She is a self taught painter who has presented in Single Fare 4, (2017, New York) and curated the virtual exhibition Simmer Down (online, September 2020). Besides making 2D work Niara develops local programming within the Zennia Experience duo and hopes to make accessible art an everyday happening in her town and beyond.

Kind of Blue
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Moodiness and melancholy captured in the deepest, darkest blues.

Ink on Paper
Visible Irritation.
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Artist: Niara Jordan Flax  ︎ ︎ ︎
Curator: Yaira Matos 

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