Morgan Mitchell

Knowing Nothing, 
Feeling Everything

curated by David Jones

Honk, Scream, Shift
animated gif comprised of two window interventions 
documentation stills taken in Feburary 2020 and March 2021

[03.15 18:15:01] DavidJones: Yooooooo Morgan

[03.15 18:17:11] MorganMitchell: Hey David, whats up?

[03.15 18:18:10] DavidJones: Oh, just working on our show exhibition statement. Can I send you what I have so far?

[03.15 18:18:14] MorganMitchell: Of course :)

[03.15 18:20:01] DavidJones: Knowing Nothing, Feeling Everything is an online show featuring the work of multidisciplinary artist, Morgan Mitchell and curated by David Jones. The title for the show observes the convergence between the limits of knowledge and the possibility of emotion. This past year, in which the included interventions in the show were staged, encapsulate a period of reconsideration. How does the unfixing of what we know in a given moment, create space for how we feel at the same time? This a central question the show hopes to explore.

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Morgan Mitchell produces attentive meditations on memories and the permeability of histories through a practice situated on self reflection and consideration. Identity grounds Morgan’s practice, where painting, installation, performance, and drawing guide her explorations.

Morgan’s documentation style evokes the text of Hito Steyerl’s “In Defense of the Poor Image.” The documentation of the work does not supersede the purpose of the intervention. The image quality marks them as other in the hierarchy of the “rich image.” This otherness elicited by the quality of the photographs is in tandem with the pragmatism of the show’s interventions that operate on the praxis of viewer participation.

The installations featured in Knowing Nothing, Feeling Everything operate within and outside of the internet—merging interconnected computer networks and real-world interactions.

[03.15 18:20:30] DavidJones: No rush on reading. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

[03.15 18:24:45] MorganMitchell: Woah, I love it! I was just wondering if I could add something though? I made these kits, they’re called Designated Crying Area Kits, they fit in an envelope and essentially they come with a sign to designate any area for crying and include a little care package for when you are feeling down and might need a good cry. I want to make these available to folks so we can choose spaces to hold our emotions and maybe allow us some catharsis and some care for anyone who may need it.

[03.15 18:26:22] DavidJones: This sound great, lets add it to the show. How can folks request a designated crying kit? Are they free?

[03.15 18:29:10] MorganMitchell: Yeah, they are totally free, and we’ll include a request link at the end of the exhibition.

[03.15 18:30:33] DavidJones: That’s so kind of you. I’m hoping folks do ask. How many do you have?

[03.15 18:31:03] MorganMitchell: Hmm, maybe 20 to start ?

[03.15 18:31:40] DavidJones: That sounds good to me :)

[03.15 18:31:52] MorganMitchell: Okay, bless!

[03.15 18:32:00] DavidJones is typing...

Crying Area Tool Kit
designated crying area placard, suggestions card, tissue, candy

overall dimensions variable

Designated Crying Area 1
Crying Area Tool Kit, 2020

overall dimensions variable

Designated Crying Area 2
Crying Area Tool Kit, 2020

overall dimensions variable

David Jones is a curator and current graduate student studying art history at York University in Toronto. David’s curatorial practice is rooted in exploring possibilities that redefine the process of how art is shared publicly. 

Designated Crying Area 3
Crying Area Tool Kit, 2020

overall dimensions variable

For a free designated crying area kit, please click here.

Artist: Morgan Mitchell ︎ 
Curator: David Jones ︎︎

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